Butler Tweaks

Makes butlers employed by the lot they are hired on, instead of the Windenburg Butler Academy, reducing the chance that they change during rotational play or when your sims travel away from the lot.

Tweaks for Butlers

Small changes that aren’t technically bug fixes, but rather improvements for butler service NPCs from the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack, that hopefully enhance the gameplay experience.

Consistent butler for your lot

If you’ve ever hired a butler NPC, and noticed that they changed to a different butler after you travelled away from the lot or switched households during rotation play, then this mod might help you.

The mod changes the butler career so that instead of being directly employed by the Windenburg Academy for butlers, the game will associate the butler with the lot you hired them on. This helps the game to recognise the correct butler to summon when loading up the lot.


  • This mod is for people who have Vintage Glamour stuff pack for The Sims 4 on PC/Mac.
  • The mod rewrites several tuning files associated with the butler career, including the career tuning, butler service tuning and butler sim filter.
  • The first time you install the mod and run the game, any existing butlers associated with the Windenburg Academy will probably lose their job. The next time you hire a butler with the mod installed, it should be associated with the lot your household lives on.
  • After game updates, make sure mods are enabled again before playing saves where you’ve hired butlers while running the mod, or they will probably all lose their jobs when the game reverts to using the default tuning and Windenburg Academy.
  • The game will not use sims who are moved into a house lot as a service sim. After the game hires a butler for you, I’d go to Manage Households and “heart” them so that they appear in the My Households tab as an unplayed sim, and then disable neighbourhood stories on them to prevent auto-move in to homes and keep them as a “not in world” sim.
  • Tip: if you want to force an existing sim into being your butler, first make sure they are unemployed and not living in a house, then use cheats to give them the “isButler” trait. The next time you try to hire a butler, the game prioritises looking for unemployed sims with that trait. I can’t guarantee it will pick them, but that will make it more likely.

Downloading and installing the mod

Download the mod package file and place it in your Mods folder for The Sims 4, found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

You can check the compatibility with the latest game update on the mod status overview page.

Like this mod? You can support me at buymeacoffee.com/galactrix β˜•

25 thoughts on “Butler Tweaks”

  1. So just to confirm, If you already have a butler and install this mod they will get fired? Because I like the present butler I have for the Goths have & dont want them going AWOL when I play a different household.

    1. Yes, the mod makes a change to the butler on a career level, so any existing butlers become invalid. You might be able to cheat or use mods that can assign careers to set them back afterwards?

  2. OMG you have done gods work!!! But I think the mod needs to be updated with the new horse ranch pack? I hire a butler and no one shows up πŸ™

    1. The mod doesn’t need any updates for the Horse Ranch update, but the reason why the butler didn’t show up was because I’d tweaked butler working hours to be more realistic. But this meant that a newly hired butler would not be available until the next day if hired in the late evenings or on Sundays and Wednesdays. I’ve made some tweaks and butler hiring should now be available every day between 6am and midnight.

  3. ok so after playing a few days went by the butler showed up, however if I edit them in CAS they are replaced all over again πŸ™

    1. I’ve made some additional tweaks to the mod to try and help with this, but I’m not sure what the cause is for you. One thing to be aware of is that the game will not use sims who live in houses as service NPCs – they must be “not in world”. So I’d disable neighbourhood story move in/out on the butler and move them into your My Households section in Manage Worlds to prevent changes.

      1. Oh wonderful! is this new version the one linked now? Curious, is it possible to add a feature to hire a specific sim as a butler with this mod? I miss my old butler, and I cant seem to get the mod to work so that I can have him with the same name, and features of the old one. It would be great if I could just rehire him with this mod lol

          1. Sadly I was doing this for hours, the sims I have with the trait “isButler” is not showing up on lot, I just keep getting a slew of random townies. The Sim I want, is homeless, and does not have a career, and has the butler trait, but I spent so long trying to get him to show up. Is there something I am missing?

          2. By default the game will not use sims from unimportant unemployed pool if any of your played sims have met them, which is why the game constantly generates unnecessary sims instead of reusing existing ones. If you download the new version of the butler mod I just uploaded today, give that a try – I’ve given the mod its own custom version of the unemployment pool.

          3. OMG that worked! most recent update fixed that! thank you so much! He was the first to show up!!

          4. Ok bad news, I reloaded my save, and the butler was replaced :(. Before I closed the game and tested reloading I left the lot and returned to find the butler stayed the same (was gonna do more) but loaded the game to find he was replaced πŸ™ So something about reloading the lot is still creating this bug

  4. however I deleted the new butler, and my custom butler returned. I wonder what it is about reloading the save that does this?

    1. I think all your previous testing created multiple butlers associated with that lot. If you want the butler to stay the same, they must be the only butler hired for that household, otherwise the game will randomly choose from any valid butler you’ve associated/hired for that particular location.

      1. interesting, is there a way to “clean” associated butlers from my household? do I need to move the household out of the lot, and back in again? or is it more complicated?

        1. No, just delete any sims you don’t want from Manage Households that showed up as butlers for that lot. Or if a butler shows up that isn’t the one you want, remove the isButler trait from them and travel/return to refresh the lot.

          1. hmm yeah I did that actually πŸ™ I have no other sims with the butler trait, and he is the only homeless sims without a job. I deleted all the homeless sims that were previous butlers and I keep getting new ones, the only workaround is I delete the new butler and my custom returns, but I have to do this process each time I load the save. πŸ™ (also tried the remove butler trait from the newly spawned npcs but that also didnt work) Are butlers staying the same for you when you load the save?

          2. I’ve been using this mod for years and my butlers for three different households have always stayed the same after saving and exiting the game. I’ve just tested it now in a fresh save where everything is brand new, gave Ukupanipo the Merman the butler trait, as I know he’s an existing unemployed sim who has no home lot, hired a butler and he showed up. I’ve saved and exited the game just to manage worlds, saved and exited to main menu and saved and exited the game completely, and whenever I load back in, Ukupanipo is still the butler. So I’m not sure I can help you – you either have way more hidden butlers hired than you thought or you have other mods that change the way the game works by default which I can’t support with. I’d test it in a fresh new save like I did to see how it behaves.

  5. ok so I started a new save and your right, same butler loaded in with the new save just fine. I’m a little confused as to whats happening because I have the mods all installed still so I think youre right about it being that I hired to many butlers, but what happened was I would hire them and then delete them using MCCC the second they spawned in, I did this far too many times to remember the amount. But I was sure that deleting the sim was just that, deleting, gone, never existed? I did notice their households would still be there in manage households, but with a blank image, so I deleted those too. I’m not sure if there is anything that can be done? Not even with MCCC? Is there really a log of employeed sims in my household that are still there even after deleting them?

    1. I figured it out! I deleted the culled sims with MCCC and I think that worked it out!!! He’s on my lot after loading in the save, and I traveled, came back hes still there!! I also tested a vaction, I went to a vaction lot, and the bug that the butler comes with you is still in the game I havent done a vacation in a while lol. But the butler that follows is a different one. I wonder is it possible to fix that part? This mod is perfect the way it is really! Have you tried your mod on a vacation lot? Do you get a different butler? Cause he comes home with you I guess

  6. so ive try this mode on latest TS4 update, but i cant find a way how to add is Butler trait, theres no isButler trait on cheat add trait …, dow the mod not working anymore ?

    1. Cheats aren’t part of the mod – they’re in the game, so I can’t help you with using them. I have no idea how it works using other mods like MCCC which it sounds like you’re trying to use to add the trait because I don’t use that and it’s a hidden cheat that only NPCs have. The in-game cheat to add traits is “traits.equip_trait isButler [simID of who you want to add it to]” which you type into the cheat box while you have testingcheats enabled. You might also need TwistedMexi’s All Cheats mod to enable all cheats.

    1. I have both this mod and LMS’s butler mods installed. I have not run into any issues.

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