Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes

Tweaks to some of the interactions in Eco Lifestyle expansion pack to prevent some issues, like future cubes and clay spawning out of control in sim inventories; reduces certain interactions from being pushed too often (like baking cakes or giving fake bad news); puts some limitations on NPCs stealing furniture from non-residential lots and fixes issues with NAP Inspectors and NAP autonomy.

Bugs fixed by this mod

  • Future cubes, blobs of clay and mystery novels spawning in sim inventories
  • Important items being swiped by sims
  • Toning down behaviour caused by NAPs
  • Fixes for the NAP Inspector
  • Clears stuck NAP autonomy from sims (fixed in the October 2020 patch update)

You can read more details about these issues below.

Future cubes, blobs of clay and mystery novels spawning in sim inventories

The neighbourhood action plans (NAPs) which sims can vote for in Eco Lifestyle include some background idles that NPCs can do, which let you see which NAPs are active in the area.

  • The Tech Support NAP will make sims consult future cubes for advice.
  • The Promote Creative Arts NAP will make sims play with blobs of clay.
  • The Back to the Old Days NAP will make sims read mystery novels.

The game will spawn the appropriate items for the sims to use. These are meant to be temporary items that disappear after one use, but there seems to be an error causing them to remain in sim inventories.

You can read more about this bug at EA Answers HQ: Future cubes/clay spawning in inventories. Visit the thread and click “me too” to raise its importance for hopefully getting an official patch fix.

This mod reduces the chances the items will spawn and stay in inventories.

Important items being swiped by sims

If the Sharing is Caring NAP is enabled, sims will be encouraged to swipe items. Similar behaviour can be performed by sims with the Recycle Disciple trait – if they haven’t recycled anything for a while, they get tense and autonomously begin swiping items to break down.

While this behaviour is intentional, this can cause issues if the sims choose items that are out in the open world area where you can’t go into build mode and replace them. This seems to happen for festival furniture in San Myshuno, although the items seem to remain in place and get labled as stolen instead of actually being swiped.

The items chosen for swiping can be unlimited value and from these types of furniture: lights, easel, couch, computer, TV, stereo, instrument, living chair, video game, vase, stool, art, pet bowl, pet toy, book, sink, counter and table.

You can read more about this bug at EA Answers HQ: Objects disappear from lots/NPC stealing (with and without NAP). Visit the thread and click “me too” to raise its importance for hopefully getting an official patch fix.

To protect important items from being stolen, this mod makes the following changes:

  • Sims will only target objects on the active lot (the buildable area) and not items in the open world (off-lot public areas).
  • Sims are not allowed to target objects in apartment lobbies – this caused lot breaking issues if the apartment trash chute was stolen by sims with the Recycle Disciple trait.
  • On non-residential lots, some items have been removed from the list of swipeable goods including stereos, musical instruments, TVs, computers, living chairs, stools, sinks, counters and tables which are considered as required items for multiple venue types including bars, lounges and more.
  • Homework books are not allowed to be stolen.
  • The maximum value of an item that can be stolen has been limited to 1000 simoleons for non-residential lots.
  • The mod does not change stealing behaviour on residential lots, where the default Eco Lifestyle gameplay is unchanged and the full list of items can be swiped at unlimited value – at home you have the option to lock your doors, limit the amount of guests, tell people to leave and repeal the NAP.

Toning down behaviour caused by NAPs

There are some cases where sims seem to over-do particular actions being pushed by some neighbourhood action plans.

The official bug reports for these issues can be found at EA Answers HQ: Sims are obsessed with cooking and baking, Sims keep getting into brawls with everyone, Sims being tormented with fake bad news social, Sims are obsessed with programming and Sims constantly making De-Stressing Decoction. If you’re experiencing these issues, visit the bug threads and click “me too” to raise their importance for hopefully getting an official patch fix.

This mod will try to tone down the following things:

  • Autonomy pushes for all NAPs will now test for uncomfortable moods and low motive moodlets for bladder, energy, hunger and hygiene. Sims who are too uncomfortable will not want to do any NAP stuff.
  • Roughhousing Encouraged: added the default autonomy checks for mean socials, so only sims who would normally be mean and aggressive are encouraged (the defaults include sims with bad relationships, erratic/mean/evil trait sims, sims in angry moods or having extremely boring or offensive conversations).
  • Free Love: added the default autonomy checks for romance socials, so sims will follow the standard rules for romance (such as selecting targets based on gender preference, being in a flirty mood, having suggestive conversations, etc.), rather than being completely free to do whatever goes.
  • Fun Community: removed an autonomy push for pranking that triggered a version of “Give Fake Bad News” from Parenthood Game Pack to be spammed. The default base game version of “Give Fake Bad News” was not affected by this.
  • Fun Community: sims will now consider their needs and only perform actions if their fun need falls out of the green range. If their fun need becomes low, then they will start to perform NAP actions to bring their fun back up (which includes mischief, comedy and video games).
  • Foodies Unite: reduced the priority for white cake and carob cake, which were being chosen as cooking recipes above all other food options.
  • Foodies Unite: sims will now consider their hunger needs and the hunger of other sims around them before deciding whether or not to cook meals or grab snacks, in order to prevent the overproduction and waste of food.
  • Juiced Community: sims will now consider their thirst needs and the thirst of other sims around them before deciding whether or not to make bar drinks or tap a juice keg.
  • Support the Performing Arts: the autonomy pushes for this NAP will now check if the sims are in an inspired mood. If the sim is not inspired, then it will check their fun need instead. Sims who have low fun will start to perform NAP actions to bring their fun back up (which includes playing instruments and dancing). Sims with the creative, music lover and dance machine traits will be pushed to do this sooner than sims without these traits.
  • Rock Your Body: the autonomy pushes for this NAP will now check if the sims are in an energized mood. If the sim is not energized, then it will check their energy need instead. Sims will be less likely to perform NAP actions as they become more tired. Sims with the active and bro traits will last longer than sims without these traits before becoming too tired to do NAP exercises (which are pushups and stretches).
  • Self Sufficiency: the autonomy pushes for brewing stress relief herbalism potions will now check for stressed mood. Only sims who are tense will want to make a potion to relieve it.
  • Tech Support: the autonomy pushes for practicing programming will now check for high social need. As the sim gets more lonely, they will be less likely to want to do any programming sessions.
  • Tech Support: replaced the default push for practicing programming with a shorter custom session that only lasts for a maximum of one hour (instead of the default version the game uses which lasts unlimited length until your sim’s needs fail).

Fixes for the NAP Inspector

For some NAPs, an inspector will randomly visit your home to check whether or not you are in compliance with the rules set by active NAPs. If you fail the inspection you’ll get a penalty applied to your bills. If you pass inspection you get a bill discount.

Under the Eco Friendly Appliances NAP, there’s a condition where the inspector will fail the inspection and fine you, even if you have eco upgrades on your appliances.

You can read more about this bug at EA Answers HQ: NAP Energy Efficient Appliances Fines Despite Upgrades. If you’re experiencing this issue, visit the bug thread and click “me too” to raise its importance for hopefully getting an official patch fix.

This mod has these fixes for the NAP Inspector:

  • Fix for the “Invite In” interaction for NAP Inspectors. You’ll be able to invite the inspector to enter your property and inspect items inside.
  • Fix for Eco-Friendly Appliances NAP inspection check. You’ll pass inspection if the appliance the inspector checks has at least one eco-friendly upgrade completed.

Clear stuck NAP autonomy from sims

All of the autonomous behaviours pushed by NAPs are only meant for NPCs (sims which the game is currently controlling). The sims that you are currently controlling (actively played sims) are not pushed to do any autonomous actions by NAPs.

Your played sims do get hidden NAP traits depending on which NAPs have been enacted in their home neighbourhoods, but these don’t cause any autonomous behaviour – they only exist to give you influence points when you make your sims comply with the NAP. Don’t try to remove these, or you will stop getting influence.

There is a bug which happens if sims switch between being actively played sims and NPCs without changing lots – for example, if you are playing the Pancakes family, and invite the Goth family over to visit the Pancakes house. Then you switch control to the Goth family while they are still over at the Pancakes house. The Goth family were previously the NPCs on the lot, but now they’ve become the active played sims – they might have NAP autonomy commodities stuck on them from when they were in NPC mode which haven’t been cleared, which makes them do autonomous actions usually NPCs only do.

You can read more about this bug on EA Answers HQ: NPC autonomy commodities being incorrectly saved on sims. If you’re experiencing this issue, visit the bug thread and click “me too” to raise its importance for hopefully getting an official patch fix.

This mod changes the status of all of the autonomy commodities used by NAPs to be non-persistent, meaning they can’t be saved on your sims.

*This issue was fixed in an official game patch (PC in October 2020.


  • This mod fix is for players who own the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack on PC/Mac since game update version
  • This mod rewrites the tuning files for NPC autonomously pushed actions for all NAPs and their related commodities. It also changes the tuning files for autonomously picked target objects for Sharing is Caring and Recycle Disciple; the base game interactions for autonomous cake baking and grabbing snacks; and the tuning files for the Civic Inspector situation. If you have any other mods that change the same tuning files, they may clash with this mod.
  • This mod reduces the number of times the game tries to spawn new future cubes, clay blobs and mystery novels. In the cases where they do spawn, they are flagged to be treated as temporary. It can’t guarantee to catch all cases though – you might find some stick around after going through loading screens while sims have them in use.
  • Updated on 17 June 2020: the previous fixes to stop clay blobs, future cubes and mystery novel spawning didn’t work. Redesigned it from scratch. Limited swiping of items from non-residential lots to a maximum value of 1000 simoleons and blacklisted some critical items to try and stop some venues (such as bars) being made incomplete.
  • Updated on 5 July 2020: blacklisted a few additional items from being stolen on non-residential lots, added protection for items in apartment lobbies from being stolen and added tweaks to tone down various spammy actions caused by NAPs.
  • Updated on 19 July 2020: added fixes for NAP Inspectors not being able to be invited in and failing eco-friendly upgrade inspections on appliances. Tweaks to practice programming interaction pushed by the Tech Support NAP.
  • Updated on 27 July 2020: moved over the stuck commodities fix from my retired NAP Autonomy Fix mod; added new fixes to cover NAPs previously missing from the mod, including Free Love, Support Performing Arts and Juiced Community; made some additional tweaks and enhancements to tone down overactive NAP behaviour including trait, buff and mood based checks.
  • Updated on 6 October 2020: the stuck commodities bug has been fixed in the October 2020 game update. Copied over the new timings on autonomous NAP pushes from the updated commodities.

Downloading and installing the mod

Download the mod package file and place it in your Mods folder for The Sims 4, found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

Latest updated version: 6 October 2020
Tested to work with game version PC (October 2020)

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57 thoughts on “Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes”

  1. NPS’s that walk around my house continiously come to my garden and steal (?) my table with umbrella, is this related issue? will this mod fix it?

    1. No, this mod doesn’t stop sims stealing, it just makes sure they don’t steal things that are away from your lot, like the picnic tables in the public spaces. If the NPCs are stealing because of Neighbourhood Action Plans, you can vote to repeal the NAP.

  2. The eco livestyle N.A.P is really a problem for me, thank you so much for making the mod to fix these bug. I share all your mods to my followers but some of my followers’ internet cannot open the download link, may I ask for the permission to reupload your mods? no matter what, your mods do save my game and my sims world! It would be really nice to have a simfileshare downlink from you 🙂

  3. The mod isn’t working, I installed this and the other mod for NAPs behavior and put them on the mods folder but sims keep playing with clay and stealing furniture from my house, I don’t have any other mod installed

    1. The mod does not stop sims stealing or playing with clay. It stops sims targeting street furniture like public benches and tries to stop the majority of cases where clay stacks form in inventories. The mod is a fix for bugs – it does not stop the game doing what is normal behaviour for the pack (stealing and playing with clay is allowed).

  4. Hey! I just wanted to thank you for making these bugfixes like these! The new expansion pack really gummed up some of my worlds with NPC voting. and this fix is crucial to playing!

  5. Thank you sooooo much! Last night, I visited my yet unplayed household in Port Promise to repeal the NAPs selected for that zone. One of them has 89 lumps of clay in her inventory and her partner had 67. The autonomous swiping is awful. I really appreciate your jumping in so quickly to save us!

  6. Again, thank you! Selling off my unlimited source of Future Cubes was neat at first but feels like cheating, and my Sims are constantly whipping these things out and getting Sad about the future.

  7. Thank you so much for this fix! It actually made me want to play The Sims again, since the bug was so annoying. My save is fixed for good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. Worked beautifully! I was having a massive issue with the NAP causing my sims to alternate between baking and giving fake news all day long! This fixed the entire issue- thank you again!

  9. It worked to solve the issue of my sim baking cakes but now furniture is being stolen from my restaurant. I’m guessing another neighborhood has the Sharing is Caring NAP enacted. I keep having to cheat to add money so i can buy new furniture that immediately is stolen.

    1. This mod should stop critical restaurant furniture like tables and chairs being stolen, but it allows art and small decorations worth less than 1000 simoleons if the Sharing is Caring NAP is active. You can check to see which NAPs are active if you place a voting board or a mailbox on your restaurant lot and check it. If the NAP isn’t active, then you should try my NAP Autonomy Fix mod, because both mods are meant to be used together.

  10. Hi, thank you so much for this mod! It is possible to know where can I change the maximum value of an item that can be stolen in non-residential lots? I want to be less than 1000 simoleons.

    1. That’s not something you can set for yourself, it’s coded into the mod. The default from the game is unlimited value. I chose 1000 as the standard amount because that’s what the game set for Recycle Disciple stealing by default.

  11. So do this mod and the NAP autonomy Fixes mod still work after the latest patch? I know Maxis fixed the NAP bug but your mods did more than just fix the issue, it made NAPs much more better and balanced.

  12. The prev. mod worked great before the newest game updates, not sure what happened, now it’s no longer working, when I log into the game it doesn’t show I am playing with a mod like before and my sims are constantly baking cakes again. I can’t figure out what is wrong. Ive even downloaded the updated mod Any ideas?

  13. Hi, Galactrix, your mods save my Eco Lifestyle. Thank You! This mod is very useful and I have introduced it to my followers. But for some special reason they were unable to download the mod. Do you have a simfileshare link or can I upload it?

      1. There are many players can’t use proxy or VPN service. This mod is really useful and I hope more players can use it. I will show your page in the video and say that you are the modder. Can I get permission to reupload? Thank you!

  14. Hey there! So I’ve put the mod in my game and removed the Goodies Unite NAP but my sims are still incessantly baking cakes. I was wondering if there is something I did wrong or something extra I need to do?

    1. Are you sure mods are enabled in the game options and that the mod shows up in the list of installed mods? Do you have any other mods conflicting with it?

    1. Are they actually spawning new ones or are they still using old ones? The mod can’t do anything to delete already existing clay and cubes that are in sim inventories – those have to be deleted or sold manually.

  15. Hi! Will this mod conflict with Zero’s EL annoyances mod ( – SPECIFICALLY the one that says “3. – Some tweaks to the new Recycle Disciple trait: removed the idles, that I don’t even need to see to hate, and removed the static commodity that makes them swipe autonomously (told you it was intended)”

    I really want this mod of yours because I’m sick of the spawning, important stuff being stolen, etc. but worried about conflicts as yours seems to also address the Recycle Disciple swiping behaviour. I want to keep Zero’s mod in because it also stops random people from scrounging in trash.


    1. It should help with that, if your sim is affected by the bug where NAP behaviour is stuck on them. Also it just lowers the priority of cake in general, so it’s less likely they pick that recipe at all.

    1. It should be working fine without needing an update. The patch was just to prepare the game for the Journey to Batuu game pack and didn’t really contain any fixes for Eco Lifestyle other than for CAS.

  16. Thank you for this mod! Would it be possible to add checks to the interactions (especially the push-ups, sit-ups, stretching) to prevent vendors from doing them? I’ve run into more than a few situations where my Sims couldn’t order anything because vendors were too busy performing NAP actions.

    1. I’ve never seen any vendors distracted by NAP actions in my game if they’re tending their stalls. I’ve just checked one in my game and they don’t even get NAP autonomy buffs applied to them. There’s an “important jobs” list in the game and it doesn’t apply any NAP autonomy to sims with those jobs, and vendors are already on that list.

      So if you’ve got vendors doing abnormal things, then maybe check if you have other mods that override normal game function.

  17. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this mod. These NAPs have taken away all enjoyment from my game. Even after using cheats to repeal all NAPs, sims are still autonomously doing all of these obnoxious things, so I’m so happy to have just stumbled upon this fix!

  18. Thank you!!! I couldn’t go to any public places before in my game because everything would get stolen. I can finally go to a restaurant and not have my table stolen before my sim even sits down.

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