Vampiric Interactions Fixes

Fixes bugs causing Influence Emotions to be available for use even while having zero vampire energy. Additionally, prevents adult vampires from decreasing Conflict Resolution character values during vampiric duels/sparring and stops unnecessary idle thirst desperation animations for Eternal Sadness.

Bugs fixed by this mod

Influence Emotions

Vampires who have depleted all their vampire energy bar can still use Influence Emotions.

Usually, all vampire abilities have an energy cost, and when your vampire energy bar gets low, the abilities will grey out and tell you that not enough energy is available to use it.

This bug appeared after update (18 June 2019). The normal tests that are meant to check whether or not your vampire has enough energy to use the ability disappeared from the game tuning files after this update.

This mod restores all the missing energy availablilty tests, so that only vampires who have enough energy can cast the ability.

The official bug report for this can be found at EA Answers HQ: Influence Emotions can be used at zero vampire energy. Visit the thread and click “me too” to raise its importance for hopefully getting an official patch fix.

Vampiric dueling/sparring causing adults to lose conflict resolution

Vampires from teens up to elder ages are able to fight each other in vampiric duels (mean) or vampiric spars (friendly). These vampiric fights will cause loss of conflict resolution at the end of the fighting (if you also have Parenthood game pack). But only teenagers should be losing conflict resolution and have actively shifting character values.

Vampiric fights are bugged and causing adults to lose conflict resolution character values. Since all other character value changing interactions in the game should be working correctly and only affect toddlers, kids and teens, there’s no way for these adults losing conflict resolution to raise it through the normal methods provided by Parenthood. Eventually if you perform enough vampiric battles, the character resolution value can become so negative that your sim will autonomously begin fighting anybody at random, with no way to reverse it.

The vampiric fighting interactions are set to cause conflict resolution decrease, but without testing the age of the sim first. This mod adds in a test so that only teenagers will lose conflict resolution points, and older sims will ignore it completely.

The official bug report for this can be found at EA Answers HQ: Autonomously fighting loved ones. Visit the thread and click “me too” on the first post on page one to raise its importance for hopefully getting an official patch fix.

Eternal Sadness looking like thirst desperation

Vampires who have the Eternal Sadness weakness and the sadness buff active will perform idle animations associated with extreme thirst, even if the vampire’s thirst need is full.

The active Eternal Sadness buff seems to call up idle thirst animations for some reason which doesn’t seem correct? This mod replaces that with an Eternal Sadness social mixer idle they do while chatting with other sims instead. Even without the buff putting them into a sad emotion state, vampires with the Eternal Sadness weakness will sob occasionally when idle anyway.


  • This mod fix is for Vampires game pack users on PC/Mac who have update installed, and additionally Parenthood game pack owners for the conflict resolution bug.
  • The mod rewrites the tuning files for several vampire interactions including all the burst of emotion actions for Influence Emotions, all the different variations of vampiric fighting including duelling, sparring and slaying, and the visible sadness emotion buff for Eternal Sadness. If you have any other mods that change the same tuning files, they may clash with this mod.
  • The mod includes a fix for Dark Meditation not working. This issue was fixed by an official patch in July 2019, but the mod also contains a fixed copy for backwards compatibility with game version
  • The mod includes a fix for vampires unable to back float while swimming. The issue was fixed by an official patch in November 2019, but the mod also contains a fixed copy for backwards compatibility with game version

Downloading and installing the mod

Download the mod package file and place it in your Mods folder for The Sims 4, found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

Latest updated version: 13 November 2019
Tested with game version PC (October 2020)

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28 thoughts on “Vampiric Interactions Fixes”

  1. I found out about this from the official “Sims 4″ Forums”, thanks! (I’m gonna wait a while on other bugs and mods to start playing again, of course, but assuming these aren’t hotfixed officially in the meanwhile, this will definitely help, since I got “Vampires” AND “Parenthood” recently during the Infinite Gaming Sale)!

  2. Thanks for these, truly! Would you happen to know the reasoning for the vampiric effects stuck to former vampires? (Dampened/deadened emotions and Eternal sadness)

  3. There is a bug for vampires with dampened emotions getting stuck on a sim even after you drink the potion to reset powers and even if you cure them of their vampirism, is there any way you could create a fix for this too?

      1. LOL, I was literally coming here to mention that! X-D

        That’s awesome either way, though!

  4. Oh this is glorious, thank you! I spent a good half an hour cursing at my screen and googling every combination I could think of for this bug before finally ending up here. Works like a charm, brilliant! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Thank you again for all of your hard work tracking down and re-working these interactions, but it seems there’s another EA missed (but it’s only semi-broken) – Vampires can’t do laundry outside during the daytime. Maybe this was intentional, but if they were trying to prevent them burning to death, they might’ve blocked off the tent, and most other outdoor activities, as well. Besides, most of my vampires are day-walkers, and the easiest way to stop a night-walker from burning, is to have them hibernate until dusk. Could you please look into this? Obviously, only if you have Laundry Day, but if you do, please and thank you.

  6. Actually, ignore this. I just figured out they can resume normal laundry function when it’s cloudy, so essentially any weather condition which would shield them from the sun. I’d only thought to try changing the weather just now. My apologies.

    1. Hmm. Sounds like a similar issue where they won’t autonomously tend to more than one plant outside of their “normal” active hours, actually:

      I experienced that particular issue myself a while back, and I KNOW for sure it’s time-related because (IIRC) while I was manually tending Plasma Fruit trees with Caleb Vatore, at one point after 7:00 PM or so he suddenly started to tend to all of them on his own as expected when I told him to. (His Perfect Sun Immunity had no bearing on this.)

      1. You know, I’m glad you commented on that, because here I was thinking I needed to cluster my plants closer. Seems most issues with Vampires can be attributed to some sort of time-relative setting (perhaps to mitigate sunlight-related deaths). Sadly, there are still other pulls and draws that lure vampires outside, and there should really be a check for perfect sun resistance.

  7. Thanks a lot for this!

    Would you be willing to take a look at this bug as well?

    Basically, when you use the “Change Sim” interaction with a Vampire sim, you do not have access to face details like teeth, skin tone, brows etc. It used to work fine before some patch almost two years ago broke it. It is not a critical bug, you just have to use the full edit mode cheat to circumvent it but it’s still annoying.

  8. Hello Simvasion/Galactrix,
    I was wondering if you could look into the teleportation ability (Mist Form), as it seems whilst wellness teleportation works for reaching places without stairs, MF cannot reach attics without stairs. It’s very odd that it doesn’t work for simple floor transitions (even with spaces open to get into it (hole in the wall, floor, etc), and neither can the Bat Form.

    Thank you for your previous work, as without you I wouldn’t have an almost complete vampire experience.

    1. Movement and routing is controlled by the game, and I only know how to do relatively simple changes to the tuning files. These mean small changes to the existing stuff already there, like fixing a silly typo in the code which is causing a bug. I don’t know how to make the game do what you’re asking for.

      I’m pretty sure it’s by design too – the wellness teleportation is the only true teleport, where a sim disappears from one location and instantly reappears in another location. The vampire movement powers are more like visual changes to a sim’s existing walking and running animations – they turn into a bat or mist, but that bat or mist still needs to travel along the path a sim would take if they were actually walking there.

      1. Oh, I see. Thank you for letting me know. I was honestly surprised it had such a limitation, especially given that Mist Form costs more points and energy to use than Bat Form, and one would think it would have some benefit to justify that. Now I just need to figure out another way to get into my attic without stairs…

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