A Couple of Updates

A Couple of Updates

In general my mods don’t need to be updated that often and will keep working through newer game updates, unless there’s some major change in code.

It’s been a while though, so here are a couple of updates:

Knitting Skill Book Fix – updated for compatibility with Eco Lifestyle. The mod was updated to match the game’s version of the tuning files which has values for recycled bits gained when putting the skill books into a recycler. They weren’t present when the mod was created.

Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes – updated for compatibility with Likes and Dislikes, which is a new game feature added by the May 2021 patches.

Better Hospital Staff – added new functionality for nurses to greet patients if there’s no orderly present at the hospital during the work shift.

All of my other mods currently available seem to still work with the latest game updates and don’t need changing.

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