Compatibility with October 2020 Patch Update

Compatibility with October 2020 Patch Update

The game was updated on 6 October 2020 with some new free content themed for Hispanic Heritage Month and improved versions of existing skintones and two base game hairstyles.

There were also a few bug fixes. One of the patch notes relevant to my mods is an official fix for the excessive baking cakes issue, which actually does that by fixing the underlying issue where NAP autonomy commodities became stuck on sims.

The only mod that requires an update after this patch is:

  • Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes – the commodities for all NAP pushes in the game have been updated with the same fix I had in the mod, but also with a couple of tweaks to the timings between pushes (for example playing instruments for the Support Performing Arts NAP now has longer cooldown).

All of my other mods currently available seem to be compatible with this patch update with no need for any changes.

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