Watch Movie Fix

Fixes an issue that happens while sims watch movies, that causes the progress bar to not work, resulting in the movie looping beyond the end credits and not awarding moodlets.


Since the pre-Eco Lifestyle patch (3 June 2020 –, the progress bar stopped working when sims watch movies. Sims continue watching the movie beyond the end credits and it loops. They also don’t get awarded the moodlets for watching the movie.

You can read more about this bug on the official bug forum, EA Answers HQ: Progress bar doesn’t move while watching movie. If you have this issue, be sure to visit the bug thread and click “Me Too” so that it gets fixed in a future patch.

This mod makes a small change to the movie length timer, which seems to get it working again.

* This bug has been fixed by patch (November 2020).


  • This mod fix is for players who own Movie Hangout stuff pack on PC/Mac since game update version
  • The mod rewrites the tuning file for the object movie length commodity. If you have any other mods that change the same tuning file, they may clash with this mod.
  • The mod has been made obsolete by patch update released on 10 November 2020 and is no longer required.

Downloading and installing the mod

Download the mod package file and place it in your Mods folder for The Sims 4, found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

If you have game update (or newer) then this mod is no longer required. The bug with watching movies has been officially fixed by the update.

Latest updated version: 3 August 2020
Tested to work with game version PC (October 2020)

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4 thoughts on “Watch Movie Fix”

    1. It’s a Google Drive link to a Sims .package file. So you’re either clicking on something else like a WordPress advert around it or you have malware that hijacks links? Have you tried a different browser?

  1. Is this working??
    My Sims TV’s image is frozen every time they try to watch a movie. It doesn’t happen when they watch a regular TV channel. Only with movies.

    1. The mod works. It sounds like you have some other issues. This mod is for the bug described, where the movie plays on screen OK, but loops and never ends.

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