DJ Custom Mix Fixes

Restores missing play and license options for Party Hardy custom DJ mixes, adds the ability to use Get Hyped and Feel the Crowd while performing custom mixes and fixes a bug preventing resuming incomplete custom mixtapes.

Bugs fixed by this mod

Party Hardy Custom Mixes: when creating a Party Hardy custom mix on the DJ booth, the song appears to disappear after completing the mixtape.

When choosing to play custom mixes on the DJ booth, or choose a custom mix for licensing on the mailbox, the game checks against a list of valid styles of music. All of the custom mix types are on the list except for Party Hardy, which is inexplicably missing. This mod adds Party Hardy to the list and restores the missing options.

Get Hyped and Feel the Crowd: when you reach a high enough level in DJ skill, you’re able to hype up the crowd and give them emotional moodlets while performing regular music styles, but not when playing your own custom mixes.

This mod adds the ability to use Get Hyped and Feel the Crowd while playing custom written mixes on the DJ booth.

Resume writing a custom mixtape: when attempting to resume a custom mixtape that isn’t finished, the option to resume may be greyed out, stating that a DJ booth is not available on the lot, even when one is present.

There seems to be something wrong with the test the game uses to determine if there’s a working DJ booth on the lot. This mod uses a different set of tests which seem to work, allowing the resume option to be used on partially complete custom mixtapes.


  • This mod fix is for players who own Get Together expansion pack.
  • The official bug report threads can be found at EA Answers HQ: Completed Party Hardy Custom Mix Not Saving, Can’t Resume Custom Mix, and Feel the Crowd and Get Hyped unavailable for custom mixes. If you encounter these bugs, visit the bug threads and click “me too” to increase their importance.
  • This mod rewrites the tuning files for playing custom mixes on the DJ booth (DJBooth_Play_Song_Written E882D22F-00000009-000000000001EC9F), the list of valid music styles for custom mixes (musicStyle_DJBooth_Written EB97F823-00000009-000000000001EC10) and the interaction for resuming custom mixtapes (writeSong_Resume_mixtape E882D22F-00000009-000000000001F4E5), and will conflict with any other mod that overrides the same resources.
  • Updated on 10 November 2020 so that the interaction to play custom mixes on the DJ booth is compatible with lifestyles.

Download and install

Download the ZIP file containing the mod. Open the ZIP file and take the package file out, placing it into your Mods folder for The Sims 4, found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

You can check the compatibility with the latest game update on the mod status overview page.

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