Family Leave Fix

Restores missing option to take family leave on phones for pregnant sims with careers entering the third trimester and their spouses.


When entering the third trimester phase of a sim pregnancy, a notification appears confirming that your sims can now take family leave. But the option to take family leave is missing from the work tab on the phone.


For some reason, the game is testing to see if your sim has the actor career before it will allow the option to display on the phone. This means the option should show up if your sim is an actor, but for everyone else it will be missing.

This fix implements the intended behaviour, which is to hide the option for sims with the actor career (because they work via gigs which they can choose not to take while pregnant), and allow the option to appear as intended for all other sim careers.


  • Affects users who have base game version (13 November 2018) and newer installed.
  • The official bug report thread can be found at EA Answers HQ: No Family Leave Option. If you encounter this bug, visit the bug thread and click “me too” to increase its importance.
  • This mod rewrites the tuning file for the phone interaction to take family leave (phone_TakeFamilyLeave E882D22F-00000000-0000000000019A3D), and will conflict with any other mod that overrides the same resource.

Download and install

Download the ZIP file containing the mod. Open the ZIP file and take the package file out, placing it into your Mods folder for The Sims 4, found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

This bug is listed as fixed in the patch notes for game update (16 April 2019), so this mod is no longer required.

With the latest game update, your sims should be able to take family leave using the option on their phones under the career tab, after they receive the notification that family leave is availble during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Latest updated version: 31 December 2018
Tested with game version: PC (February 2019)

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8 thoughts on “Family Leave Fix”

  1. Thanks for making this, I read about this fix on the Bug Report forums at AHQ. (Thanks also for explaining there what went wrong, too! Hopefully that’ll help them fix it.)

    1. I haven’t been able to test it, but the fix should still work. There’s no mention of any official fix in the patch notes for the StrangerVille pre-patch (21 Feb 2019) and as far as I can tell, the resource that the mod replaces hasn’t changed.

  2. Just got the game on march 30th. Have had this bug happen to all my pregnant sims. Im glad that i found that a mod has been made to fix it. Its upsetting that its an issue to this day that hasn’t been fixed by Ea. Im gonna see if my computer can handle any more downloading and get this to fix the bug.

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