Neighbourhood Action Plan Autonomy Fixes

Fixes an issue causing autonomous behaviour from Neighbourhood Action Plans (NAPs) from all neighbourhoods being applied to NPCs in the current area and in some cases, getting stuck on your played sims.

Bugs fixed by this mod

Intended behaviour

In The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, Neighbourhood Action Plans (NAPs) can be voted on in every neighbourhood where sims live in homes. If you have NPC voting enabled in your game options, NAPs can automatically be voted on by sims you’ve marked as favourites in your “My Households” tab, even in neighbourhoods you don’t actively play. The winning NAPs will then become active and NPCs in those neighbourhoods should start displaying behaviour associated with those NAPs.

Bug: NAPs from all neighbourhoods get applied to NPCs

There was a bug where the game did not check the details of the current area before applying NAP autonomy to NPCs. The result wass that NPCs started doing the behaviour of all active NAPs from everywhere in your game world.

* This bug was fixed by patch update released on 23 July 2020.

You can read more about this bug at EA Answers HQ: NAPs from all neighbourhoods are applied to visiting NPCs.

Bug: Autonomous NPC behaviour gets stuck on played sims

The NPC autonomy triggers that sims get from NAPs can get permanently stuck on played sims under some circumstances (such as inviting over sims from a different household and then switching control to them while not changing lots).

When this happens, affected sims in the currently active household will autonomously start doing NAP related behaviour, which can interrupt their queued tasks and can also happen even if you have sim autonomy turned off in your options.

You can read more about this bug at EA Answers HQ: Active sims interrupt current action to do something else. Visit the thread and click “me too” to raise its importance for hopefully getting an official patch fix.

The mod makes the commodities which trigger NAP autonomy non-persistent, meaning they can’t be saved and get stuck on your sims.


  • This mod fix is for players who own the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack on PC/Mac with game update versions since
  • The mod rewrites the tuning files for loot actions for enacting NAPs on instanced sims and the commodities for NAP effects. If you have any other mods that change the same tuning files, they may clash with this mod.
  • This mod addresses autonomous NAP behaviour being performed by both NPCs and your played sims (only if they are affected by the bug as described above where NAP autonomy is not removed properly). If your sims are performing other autonomous actions you are having issues with, it’s probably either their normal behaviour or caused by something else (like a different bug or other mods).
  • The mod was updated on 17 June 2020 to add a fix for another bug where NAP autonomy occasionally got permanently stuck on played sims.
  • The mod has been made obsolete by patch update released on 23 July 2020 and is no longer required.

Downloading and installing the mod

Download the mod package file and place it in your Mods folder for The Sims 4, found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

If you have game update (or newer), then this mod is no longer required. The main bug with incorrect NAPs being applied everywhere has been officially fixed by the update.

If your sims are still affected by the other bug where autonomous NAP behaviour becomes stuck on them, you should use the latest version of my other mod, Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes, instead – it now includes the same fix.

Latest updated version: 17 June 2020
Tested to work with game version PC (July 2020)

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43 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Action Plan Autonomy Fixes”

  1. You’re a genius!
    I love your approaching on this. I was doing something similar but blacklisting traits hahaha It was working but sometimes Sims didn’t get the correct buff. Your solution is clean and simple. Thank you!

  2. Thank you! It looks like there’s also buggy behavior if you have an NPC join your household. My sim married a college roommate and even though they’re no longer an NPC they’re still doing the ‘play with clay mold’ interaction that I’m assuming is like the future cube action for the creative arts NAP. It’s resulting in unlimited generation of clay lumps in my ex-NPC sim’s inventory ;_;

    1. I’ve updated the mod with a new fix. If you try the new version (same link) it might help your former NPC who likes clay blobs to quit doing that. Even if he doesn’t, my other Eco Living mod has also been updated and should stop unlimited generation of clay lumps.

  3. Thank you so much for your work! It saves me! BTW, since many Chinese people cannot connect to your website, I want to know if I can share this mod on a Chinese TS4 forum with your credit and original link? I am sure this mod will helps them a lot! <3

  4. Thanks its really helped! Do you think you could possibly make a mod like this one fixing the autonomy of played sims? The buggy n.a.p.s have made my sims unplayable with all their autonomous n.a.p.-related actions such as constantly playing with the future cubes every few seconds even with disabled autonomy and no such n.a.p.s in the neighborhood. my sims destroy each others relationships with all the excessive mischief interactions and married sims make out with random strangers on the street due to a nonexistent “free love” n.a.p. thats not active in any neighborhoods. I havent been able to play the game since Eco Life came out, all my sims are just bugging out 😖

    1. These do seem to be affecting played sims as well. My sim will not stop baking sugar free carob cake and practicing making drinks even when I turn autonomy off (using MCCC) for the object they are using and even though the foodie NAP is not assigned in their current neighborhood. If you could do something to tune this down, it would be amazing!

    2. I’ve updated the mod. If you can try the new version (same link) on your sims that are stuck with autonomous NAP related actions, hopefully they will return to normal 🤞

      1. Even with the mod, I’m still getting the bug with the obsessive cake baking. I have noticed it only seems to affect sims I have either newly created or moved to neighborhoods that I hadn’t played in since the pack first went live.

  5. I think I know why sims in the played household could autonomously perform actions (such as future cube) like the NPCs. It’s related to switching households. In my game this behavior started after I switched households (and I saw others reporting this behavior after switching households too). I think that after switching households, your previously played household gets these behaviors like NPCs, and after you switch to play them again you’re stuck with these behaviors. If my theory is correct, is it possible to add to this mod a check to remove the NPCs behaviors when you switch to play a household? (This is related to your other mod fix for spawning of cubes)
    Many thanks for your help!

    1. Something like this was happening, but I have no idea if it was caused by switching households (because I’ve done that a lot while playing Eco Lifestyle and only two of my sims got bugged (that I know of). I added a fix for them.

  6. Thank you for this mod! My problem is that the game pushes autonomous behaviour on my sims in the active household despite Free Will being off.
    I rotate a lot and some of my households are unaffected, others are and in one 8 person household only a single sim is affected. Everyone else I have full control over, only this one sim occasionally does actions related to civic policies. Households that already existed before EL seem to be mostly fine, the most affected by the forced autonomy are those that I added only later or that moved houses after EL was installed.

  7. Hi Galactrix!
    One question. Could this mod be the cause of NAP’s not working on non played districts?
    Since I installed this mod, I’ve seen that Sims on districts were I have no active households, don’t have civic policies buffs applied to them.

    1. If there are no active NAPs there, then there won’t be any civic policies buffs there. If there are no sims living there, no NAPs will be voted for there. Or if you turned off NPC voting in the options, then NAPs won’t get voted on. That’s how the game is supposed to work.

  8. thanks SO MUCH! found your via the ea forums on the bug reports.. thanks to you i can enjoy the sims without this annoyance!.. but its stupid how people need to make mods to fix ea’s mess

    1. As far as I can tell from the description, there’s no clashing with anything. You’ll have to try it for yourself and see for sure though.

  9. You would think EA would have discovered this issue during some Beta Playing Testing during development, or do they not even brother to test out the EP/GP/SP at all before releasing them?

  10. Thank you so much! I am buying you a coffee right now! My played Sim was doing all the NAP NPC actions (clay, future cube, guitar, violin, pushups, white cake) and I was about to give up on Eco Living all together. You are my hero!

  11. THANK YOU! Eco Living slowly, silently broke my favorite save and my Sims had some major life events since my last backup. Been running with this new full-price DLC disabled and playing other saves. EA cannot fix this fast enough.

  12. Thank you so much for this fix! It actually made me want to play The Sims again, since the bug was so annoying. My save is fixed for good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  13. Hi! I have a super weird bug since I installed eco living. Sims constantly fight and I can’t run my store, or go to restaurants, or any lot with people. It’s frustrating. Anyone having the same problem?

    1. That’s one of the neighbourhood action plans called Roughhousing Encouraged. If it is one of the active plans voted for in the area, then it’s not a bug, it’s one of the pack features.

      1. It happens in all neighborhoods, and it’s impossible to do something with your sims because everyone stares at the fights

  14. Thank you thank you thank you!
    I am from Germany (sry for the imperfect english) and accidentally found your mod after googling my problems. I have now played with your mod for half an hour and not a single lump of clay is in my inventory and my Sims are finally no longer doing push-ups (at least not if I don’t want to haha). Thank you so much, it is finally fun to play the sims now with your mod. I don’t usually play with mods (because I have many problems with them last time) but your mod is a MUST for anyone who has the same problems! I hope EA can fix this. It is sad that User like you have to take care of it. I hope you understand my english and how much you helped me!

  15. You my friend are great, i have been struggling with the autonomy since the updates and playing had been annoying as hell, but your modes fixed it, thanks.

  16. Thank you so, so much! This bug was ruining game play for me, so I’m super excited to put this in my game!

  17. I really need to try this mod. Is there anyway to get a copy of it?? The latest EA update did not fix the daily 100 simoleon fine I get for “excessive water consumption”. The newer mod you have did not work for my game either. The only thing that works is totally uninstalling eco lifestyle.

    I’ve tried clicking on the mailbox and choosing low consumption for water and high production for water production. I even deleted the mailbox.

    I repealed the N.A.P. for water conservation initially by getting the 5 signatures. Then started getting the fines after that. Using the cheat to repeal N.A.P.s never worked. I’m at my wits end with this bug. It just won’t go away.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, how did you fix it??

    1. My mods don’t have any fixes for water consumption fines, so you don’t need to try this. There should be a bug thread on it on EA Answers HQ in The Sims 4 Bugs which might have suggestions or workarounds.

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