Food Delivery Fix

Fixes an issue that prevents interacting with Pizza Deliverers to offer a tip after a pizza delivery.


After choosing to accept a pizza delivery, the delivery person gets stuck in a state where they have no interactions.

An incorrect buff is being applied to the pizza deliver that suppresses interactions while they are meant to be waiting for a tip. You can read more about this bug on EA Answers HQ: Pizza delivery person becomes unclickable after delivery.

This mod removes the interaction suppression buff from the pizza deliverer, so that you can give them a tip or greet them as normal.


  • This mod is for people who own the base game on PC/Mac with update (July 2021) or later installed.
  • The mod rewrites the tuning files for the pizza deliverer’s “waiting for a tip” role state. If you have any other mods that affect the same tuning files, they may clash with this mod.
  • Updated 27 July – the mod previously included a fix for an issue with the animation for holding the Zoomers Food Bag if you did not have Cottage Living expansion pack installed. You can read more about this bug on EA Answers HQ: No food is being delivered. This part of the mod has been removed, as installing update PC resolves it.

Downloading and installing the mod

Download the mod package file and place it in your Mods folder for The Sims 4, found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

You can check the compatibility with the latest game update on the mod status overview page.

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14 thoughts on “Food Delivery Fix”

    1. You don’t need it for Zoomers to work if you have Cottage Living. If you want the pizza deliverer to be tippable though, you can use the mod, or choose not to use the mod and the pizza deliverer will leave eventually on their own.

  1. I would like to say thanks but as I have been seeing from multiple players, they have the pack and Zoomers Delivery is still not working. So it doesn’t matter if you have the pack or not, it needs to be fixed! This new service should be available whether you have the pack or not which the sims team did not say in their live stream, nor did I hear from Youtubers who report sims news say that you need the pack.

    1. Of course it needs to be fixed. The patch notes for the July patch clearly show that Zoomers food delivery service is a new base game feature that shouldn’t need any other packs installed to work. They just seem to have made a mistake by making it rely on a component from Cottage Living and didn’t test it with just base game only.

  2. In the sims live stream they did not say that you needed the pack, nor did any Youtubers who reports sims news say that. Plus, I have seen multiple simmers complain that they have the pack and its still not working. So whether you have the pack or not, its a glitch that needs to fixed.

  3. A new hotfix patch has been released, and one of the fixes is for Zoomers (that was fast, at least for them! X-D ^_~). No mention of pizza delivery, though.

  4. If you’re still having issues with this post official bug fix– removing the Private Dwelling trait from your residential lot and see if that works.

  5. THANK YOU! I dont know if my old comment appeared or not but i was wrong, this mod really fixed the problem finally!

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