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July 2021 Updates

July 2021 Updates

I hope those of you who have the new Cottage Living expansion pack are enjoying it as much as I am 😊!

The expansion pack came along with a base game update patch (21 July), and shortly afterwards there was a smaller hotfix patch (27 July) which resolved some bugs.

I just wanted to keep people up to date on the mods – as far as I’m aware they mostly seem to be working with the current game version ( Leave me a comment if you notice otherwise.

I uploaded a new mod, Food Delivery Fix, which helped workaround an issue with the first July patch related to the new Zoomers Food Delivery service. But that was fixed by the hotfix patch a week later. The mod is still worth using though if you are having issues interacting with the Pizza Delivery person after they drop off a pizza (there’s still an open bug where you can’t give them a tip, which the mod fixes).

I also updated Vampiric Interactions Fixes with a new fix that is supposed to help tone down NPC use of bat form and mist form travel powers. If you’ve been experiencing NPC vampires excessively using those teleport abilities to do things at close range, like teleporting just to turn around and face another direction, then maybe the mod will help!

Thanks to the anonymous person who bought me a coffee this month. I really needed it!☕

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