Vendor Filter

Prevents played sims from being selected as sales table vendor NPCs, which may help stop items appearing in/disappearing from their inventories while they aren’t the active household.


Sometimes, if you visit the Arts Quarter on a day when there’s a sales table or when you visit the Flea Market, you might find that the vendor tending the table is a sim from another household you play, and they’ve stocked the table with items from their inventory and are trying to sell it to other sims.

Later, when you switch over to play the other sim that was tending the table, you may find that items from their inventory are missing, or their inventory has been filled with randomly generated collectibles from the sales table, such as crystals, MySims statues, frogs and metals.


This mod switches the filter used when the game selects a sim to run the sales tables at the Flea Market and the open streets table in the Arts Quarter.

The default for these situation jobs is to choose randomly from all available sims older than teen. The mod changes the filter used to exclude sims that you have actively played.


  • Affects City Living expansion pack users.
  • The filter used by the mod only includes unplayed young adults and adults (sorry elders!)
  • This mod only affects the craft sales table vendors – there’s another vendor type at the Flea Market that tends to the furniture on the tarps and the tables with lamps. These can still be one of your played sims, but their inventories don’t get touched, so it should be fine.
  • The official bug report thread can be found at EA Answers HQ: NPC played Sims sell/buy their stuff at flea market. If you encounter this bug, visit the bug thread and click “me too” to increase its importance.
  • This mod rewrites the situation job tuning for Flea Market Craft Sales Table Vendor (job_Festival_FleaMarket_CraftSalesTable_Vendor 9C07855F-00000018-0000000000023D99) and Craft Sales Table Vendor (situationJob_CraftSalesTable_Vendor 9C07855F-00000000-0000000000025805), and will conflict with any other mod that overrides the same resources.

Download and install

Download the ZIP file containing the mod. Open the ZIP file and take the package file out, placing it into your Mods folder for The Sims 4, found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

You can check the compatibility with the latest game update on the mod status overview page.

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